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To refresh memories, and because this is a fresh blog. I am copying the Public Question that amazingly enough was passed as satisfactory by the Proper Officer, to be asked at the Full Council Meeting on the 22nd January 2009. I will also be placing the video URL’s when they are up for all those people who don’t like to or cannot read, on youtube explaining the situation and reading the stuff so far. I would like to thank, the kind people who helped me at the council meeting, from the security dudes who seated me in the chamber, to meeting Jeff Parry and to…

Mike Murphy who I had a chat with afterwards regarding the ole Rent Revenue Account and the little £30 Million scam that’s been running for ‘oh so long Chief Constable’! About Audit Commissions and Local Government Ombudsmen who claim that my analysis was ‘misleading’ and refused to do the ‘AS IF’ set of accounts, AS IF the properties were owned by a housing association. There sure wouldn’t be any £30 million in rent rebates on their books, and the council could only claim 5% as rebates in their General Fund which would only be £1.5 Million a rip off to the council tenants of £28.5 Million per annum. Easily able to provide decent housing for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right here is the public question the council allowed to be asked, the reply and the Supplementary question of which I await a reply.

THE PUBLIC QUESTION: Is it the usual practice of this Council’s elected and un-elected officials to victimise and criminally neglect its mental health suffering tenants, or to deny them their rights under Human Rights Act Legislation that this country is signed up to?

THE REPLY (Given by Judith Woodman): It is not the practice of this Council’s elected Members or officers to victimise or neglect its tenants in the manner described, nor to deny them rights under the Human Rights Act.

The Council is committed to equality in service delivery, to treating people fairly and to ensuring that the services we offer are accessible to all. Likewise, we also seek to address inequalities when developing policies and providing local services.

I am unaware of any alleged breaches of the Human Rights Legislation but will ask the Council’s Monitoring Officer to investigate any outstanding complaints that are brought to my attention that have not already received a response.

You will also be aware that the Council also has a Corporate Complaint Policy and if any tenant wishes to lodge a formal complaint, it will be investigated accordingly and a response will be provided to the tenant.

HERE IS MY SUPPLEMENTARY REPLY: I put it to this Council that
a) the refusing to allow a citizen to record via video of both Full Council and any other committee meetings,
and b) the limitations placed on the Public Questions as set out in the Procedural Rules, are both violations of the Human Rights Act.

For instance the rules forbidding a Public Question ‘As it relates to an individual’ thwarts True Accountability of both elected and un-elected members of the Council.

Questions that might well point out systemic failures in this Council’s Duty of Care for its vulnerable citizens. Thus leaving an individual in a situation where victimisation and criminal negligence can continue unabated. To the detriment of their, physical and mental emotional health.

As has been the case, with the Tenant of 15 Garth Place. A Tenancy that violates Human Rights Legislation in terms of the Right to Privacy, the Right to Peaceful Enjoyment and the Right to the Freedom from the Threat of Harassment.

Finally I ask this council to call for a Public Inquiry as to why the Welsh Assembly Government has knowingly allowed this Council to flaunt these rights for so long, aided and abetted as both have been by South Wales Police the IPCC and the Police Authority and the BBC, to name but a few.

So that no Vulnerable adult has to suffer for 9years at the hands of an uncaring council ever again. As documented in blogs and videos available at
http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com which at their core have the greatest good to the greatest number as their primary motivation.

Do I have a seconder?

WELL THAT WAS THAT, Although I did add at the end, forgetting to ask the do ‘I have a seconder’ (which apparently doesn’t exist as a word) That ‘I have been waiting for a Corporate Complaint Number since 2006, January 2006’. That was met with a stony silence, I was a little thrown off by the Lord Mayor interrupting me in mid flow, but I have a fresh regard for all the Council Members because it was a very nervous experience, although I am glad that I have done it. Receiving assurances that my situation was being given attention. I hope so I just wonder if it’s the Mr. Harris type of attention, the anything to not really deal with the issue and leave me still in the same situation, kind of attention.

Lets hope not, and I would like to see that any Private Landlords Property that has a Housing Benefit Claimant of more than six months gets their properties repossessed, so that the £15 Million in Housing Benefit paid to them in Cardiff, is used to the Communities Benefit not the Individual i.e. With a Social Landlord having the Lions share of rent paying tenants, that this current investment by Central Government would generate over time, as well as gaining for those tenants Security of Tenure, that they will never have as long as they are a private landlords tenant.

The only thing that bothers me is, will they try to baffle committee members with bulls**t and had I better work out a Public Question that raises this at the next Full Council Meeting so that at least it goes in the Minutes for all those Historians interested in what was going on in Cardiff in a Hundred Years time.

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For ease of reference here is the Public Question that was refused on 'as it relates to and individual' grounds by the proper officer, can you see how the refusing of it does not allow for full accountabilty:
'I wish to know when the victimisation and criminal negligence by elected and non-elected officials of Cardiff County Council is going to end, as highlighted in my blogs and videos on youtube and found on http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com/ So that I might be re-housed in a bungalow where I will not be subject to the prejudices of the well adjusted, and live in a home where my peaceful enjoyment and rights to privacy as outlined in the Human Rights Act are not violated on a daily basis.

In the meantime I would like installed ASAP a push button system for lighting the landing and stairs of 15 Gxxxxx xxxx. So that I nolonger have to go out every night to switch it off in order to save this council money, that Mr. Watkins would have them pay because he is to bone idle to go back downstairs and switch it off himself. It appears that this council has all the money in the world to cater for his needs, yet they cannot afford to install a fence so that I can keep out the nondesirable from damaging my back garden or stealing from it'
Sad but true Political video maker censored in 2009 in the UK. Quite remarkable, but not so surprising. Anyway seeing as you cannot access those you can this from the council http://www.cardiff.ukcouncil.net/site/player/pl_compact.php?a=21658&t=0&m=wm&l=en_GB and move the cursor to 30.40 mins and there you will hear the Lord Mayor do her introduction, and from then on it is self explanatory. Unfortunately what you will not hear is me stating 'I have been waiting for a corporate complaint number since 2006 January 2006' that has been edited out or the microphone would not work.
What can I do about youtube censoring political videos, nothing I guess other than to let people know by what ever means of this technology that I can find. But it sure makes you wonder why doesn't it. I must be getting to near the bone, I don't see why they have done it off their own backs but there you go.
As for Judith Woodman being unaware of any Human Rights breeches I will be making a blog about the emails sent to her in 2006, and some of her replies. As she has been one of the Usual Suspects on my list, well telling bare faced lies at Full Council Meetings is a bit rich.
I haven't heard about my question to Mike Murphy regarding the Rent Rebates in the General fund or my housing situation, although I have had a letter from the Local Mental Health Team dated the 16th January arrived at my home on the 28th january (with a you have three weeks to reply from the date of the letter)
Who have so far on two visits been unable to tell me the name or contact details of the person who contacted them. Mike did ask me if I would like a Social Worker to which I replied 'yes' if it helps me get out of the situation anyone, but I didn't expect and will not deal with those people
(If someone had been taking any notice of these blogs as Jeff implied in his first letter to me regarding my public question then they would have seen that I have issues with Bro Taff Health Authority and its 9 years since I was registered with any doctor in this city) I am not about to change that, for these voyeur's, and as the guy in the EFT book says their have they ever cured anyone??????????
Well this will have to do for now.
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